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Third Wheel turns the classical world upside down by transforming the traditional roles of our instruments in new and exciting ways. We are a crossover ensemble that plays Bach with a modern twist, and re-imagines rock ‘n’ roll as Mozart would have written it. Our eclectic repertoire ranges from folk and jazz to the Rolling Stones. As an ensemble, our infectious enthusiasm creates an experience that is simply

Feel. Good. Music.


"All of the ladies of Third Wheel were professional, talented, and very accommodating to our needs. I would absolutely hire Third Wheel in the future. These musicians are quality and you would be lucky to have them for all your musical needs!"

- Kate Gale, executive director, American Composers Forum Los Angeles

"A kick-butt woodwind trio"

- Mary Beth Crain, LA Weekly

"Third Wheel is not only a pleasure to work with, but is always a crowd pleaser with their variety and talent!!!"

- Special EventsPacific Symphony

"I have found few musicians that are as genuinely nice and down to earth as these three. I believe the music they create is unique and is the end result of a profoundly close and positive relationship that they have with each other as musical counterparts, and perhaps even more importantly, as friends."

     - Anthony Parnther, music director, Inland Valley Symphony

"A highly successful ensemble well known and much loved by Southern California chamber music aficionados. Besides the technical excellence of their playing, the hallmark of their concerts is their musicality and infectious enthusiasm and enjoyment of performing."

     - Jim Eninger, editor in chief, Clickable Chamber Music Newsletter

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